A Fresh Start

Aaaannd we’re back.

Hello there my dear reader! My how I’ve missed you 🙂 I hope you’ve been well. I hope you’ve found yourself with many moments of laughter and joy.

After an absence that was very clearly much too long I’m back, and so happy to be! Unfortunately when the site went down, everything went with it. I forgot the ever so important task of backing up and I’m sorry to say, everything that was, is gone.

But! There’s no use in crying over spilt milk and we absolutely must be moving on.

That being said, welcome to Minnesota Writer 2.0! A lot has stayed the same, but a lot is going to be changing.

The old Minnesota Writer, while it surved it’s purpose, just wasn’t me. It wasn’t natural or organic. It was a very deliberate attempt to write about writing, but I could only go so far with that.

I have no doubt that there are those of you out there who could talk endlessly about the splender of the written word, but I, alas, am not that candidate. Which brings me to the first change.

While I’ll still be writing about the highs and lows of a “writers life,” it will no longer be my sole focus. There’s going to be a lot more about life.

I want to inspire you, dear reader. I want to inspire you to live your life, to be happy, and to be good. I want this blog to be a force for good in the world, and that’s what it’ll be.

You’ll also notice that I took away the adds. I’m not here to sell you shit and you’re not here to buy 🙂 I’ll still make recommendations, but no more links to Amazon. I want you to come here and be free of that world.

Mostly I want to open Minnesota Writer up to everyone. I want people to come here often, and leave believing that the world is wonderful.

So, with that little re-introduction out of the way, let us move on to the heart of this post, shall we?

My life as of late is, well, AWESOME! I can honestly say I’ve never been more happy in my entire life. As I said to my Ma the other day, “I currently find myself in want of nothing in life.”

And I don’t! I have enough money, love, friends, family, and a kick-ass new apartment in St. Paul. We’ve been here for 7 moths, having left Northfield to be closer to the little lady’s new job, and we are both head over heals in love with our surroundings.

It’s great and I want more.

Recently I was inspired by a post on my friends blog where he details some of his plans for April. I decided that I too would make some plans for myself in April, and stick to them. The first of which was getting Minnesota Writer back up and running by April 1.


Seeing as my mental health is so strong right now, I want my body to follow, which is why I’m doing several of the things I’ll outline bellow.

First off, inspired once again by my friend Mike, I’ll be trying out the Keto diet for all of April. I’m not going to go into great detail about the diet, but if you wish to learn more about Keto you can right here.

Along with the diet I won’t be having any alcohol of any kind during the month of April. I want to let myself clear out a little and make booze more of a rare occasion.

The last in the trio of health goals is to exercise for at least a half hour every day in April. I don’t want to be in super human shape, but I do need to make my body get up and do stuff more.

After that comes profesional goals and there’s only one. Finish the 1st round of edits on my Novel by the end of April. I’ve already moved through a good chunk of it and I’m really excited to start working on the second draft, but I can’t until I finish this crucial step towards completion.

After those goals I just have a couple of personal ones.

Firstly, and foremost I might add, amongst my personal goals will be blogging here 15 times in the month of April. I’ve missed writing here so much and, in my absence, I’ve come up with lots to say 🙂

My second personal goal is to cook at least 5 new recipes. I love cooking very much, but I feel I’ve reached a plateau with my current skill level. I plan on trying out some great Keto recipes curtsey of the wonderful community over at Reddit.

The overarching theme and purpose for all of these goals is to get some of my self-discipline back. My discipline used to be strong, but it’s been growing weak as of late and I intended to do each one of these goals with strict resolve.

Ideally at the end of April I’ll continue on into May without modifying much about the way I live. If there’s something I absolutely hate, I’ll cut it. But otherwise I’ll continue to move forward and add in more things.

That about sums everything up for now. Minnesota Writer is back up and running and I couldn’t be happier!

Be sure to check back soon, it’s going to be a busy month.

And of course, many thanks to you, my dear and blessed reader. And welcome back 🙂

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